American Eagle just bought its second supply chain company

American Eagle, the mid-sized apparel company best known for its jeans, is taking control of its supply chains. Yesterday (Dec. 29), the retailer bought the e-commerce fulfillment company Quiet Logistics for $360 million. It’s the second logistics company American Eagle has bought this year, after it absorbed the e-commerce delivery startup AirTerra in May.

American Eagle is one of many retailers looking to shore up their logistics operation after the supply chain shocks of 2021. Soaring shipping rates and lengthy port delays led some companies to resort to desperate measures—like chartering coal ships to transport soda ingredients—just to keep their inventories full.

Businesses are now embracing resilient supply chains, determined to never again face the same level of chaos they’ve dealt with during this holiday shopping season. American Eagle’s logistics acquisitions are an example of the strategies smaller retailers are using to keep up with the well-oiled logistics machinery of retail giants like Amazon and Walmart.

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