App maker Project Imagine is a case study in how to embrace remote work

You might think that a fintech company would be accustomed to the idea that in-person interactions aren’t always essential. But until the pandemic hit in 2020, Project Imagine—the London-based company behind the saving and investing app Dozens and the digital business banking platform Pi1—was all about people coming into the office.

“We were moving very quickly, building a lot of things, and we’ve always had the team feeling that benefited from being in the office previously,” says Hannah Smith, chief of staff at Project Imagine. While the company did allow its 50 employees to work remotely once a week, on Wednesdays, Smith says that the overarching belief pre-Covid was that working in person was necessary for building relationships and creative brainstorming.

The pandemic forced Project Imagine, like so many other companies, to change the way it did business. In the process, Smith says the startup transformed its views of what employees need to flourish, and made changes that led to it becoming one of Quartz’s best companies for remote workers.

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