Bruvi Biodegradable Pods 

Coffee aficionados struggle with a balance between smooth flavor, convenience and environmental impact. While most single-serve coffee pods rank high in the convenience category, they fail to perform in quality, and the waste from coffee pods ranges from challenging to detrimental. Enter Bruvi, a startup aimed at solving these dilemmas.’

Bruvi looks like many other single-serve coffee pod systems with a water reservoir in the back and a pad to set a mug beneath the drip exit. However, the pod that goes into the machine is very different. Firstly, the company is dedicated to offering high-quality coffee options. The company’s B-pods offer premium coffees from licensed brand partners that produce ethically and sustainably sourced coffee. When Bruvi says premium, it means a brew that meets the Golden Cup Standard of the Specialty Coffee Association.

Bruvi is also an innovative product meant to cater to all types of caffeine-lovers. The machine brews filter coffee, matcha lattes, espresso, Americanos, iced coffee, infused coffee and tea. It’s also the world’s first single-serve system to produce cold brew. It can be used as a smart device that you control remotely using a phone app. Make coffee from bed or before arriving home after dropping the kids off at school.

Bruvi’s B-Pods combat the mounds of disposable coffee pods dumped in the landfills. They are not only 100% recyclable, but they are also designed to break down without leaving microplastics behind in a landfill environment. The company has even eliminated adhesives and uses water-based inks for packaging. Bruvi is currently pursuing B-Corp certification and is a U.S. company based out of Los Angeles.

As Mel Elias, co-founder of Bruvi stated, “Bruvi is first and foremost, a coffee company. Our mission is to upgrade the at home coffee experience, with breakthrough brewing technology, better coffee and more eco-consciousness along with the convenience of single-serve.”

Discover Bruvi, a single-serve coffee machine with biodegradable pods [Inhabitat]

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