Find Out How to Grow Your Business at Make It Big 2021

Are you interested in growing your business? Who isn’t! Well you’re in luck, as BigCommerce, one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world, is hosting a special conference this week aimed at helping you “make it big.”

During the pandemic, millions flocked to website creators and ecommerce platforms to facilitate their remote work aspirations. Whether you’re a small store or a big company, being set up online is vital to your success, and the quarantine made that a lot more apparent to businesses that have been lagging behind.

Now, if you’re still having trouble navigating the complicated waters of ecommerce, this virtual conference — dubbed Make It Big 2021 — can give you the tools to turn it around and make a profit in 2021.

What is Make It Big 2021?

Make It Big 2021 is a two-day virtual conference hosted by BigCommerce, a leader in ecommerce, aimed at helping businesses succeed. With industry insights, inspiration, and expert advice, business owners of all shapes and sizes will be able to glean a bit of knowledge about going from startup to powerhouse.

“Take your brand from keeping up to standing out, wow-ing shoppers along the way,” reads the Make It Big website.

After last year’s virtual event, Make It Big 2021 is keeping it safe and staying completely online, to prevent any concerns about the coronavirus or the delta variant. As for the other details of the event, we’ve got them ready and raring for you.

The Details for Make It Big 2021

Wondering how, when, and where you can get all this valuable insight for your business? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Make It Big 2021 will take place on Tuesday, September 14th and Wednesday, September 15th from 9am EST to 5pm EST each day. You’ll be able to attend every workshop online by simply registering with this link.

As for who will be attending, BigCommerce has pulled out all the stops for this one, with big names like Mark Cuban, Ann Hadley, and Neil Patel all hosting workshops aimed at growing your business.

An event like this must cost a fortune, right? Wrong! Make It Big 2021 is completely free of charge, so you can get all this insight without cutting into your budget. Just sign up, show up, and learn as much as possible from these industry experts.

Register Now for Make It Big 2021

The pandemic has been hard for small startups and large businesses alike. In fact, 67.3% of businesses have been at least somewhat negatively affected, which means that finding a way to rebound is vitally important.

If you want to attend Make It Big 2021, it couldn’t be easier. No fees, no hoops, just a simple registration and you’re ready to go!

Click the link here to get started and you’ll be on your way to a successful business thanks to all the expert advice and industry insight you’ll get this week.

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