The highly adaptable habits of the best companies for remote workers

As many companies that had to shift their operations online during the pandemic have learned, it takes more than virtual meetings, Slack channels, and regular quarantinis to make it all work.

It comes as no surprise then that the top-ranked companies in Quartz’s 2021 ranking of the best companies for remote workers had embraced the work-from-anywhere ethos before the pandemic. Flatfile, Loom, and Workato—respectively the No. 1 companies on our lists of top small, mediums, and large employers—used the lockdown year to finesse their policies and deepen their understanding of how to foster a high-functioning workplace online. For these three companies, going remote wasn’t just a contingency plan or a nice-to-have accommodation for employees—it’s been core to their success.

Flatfile, Loom, and Workato share common traits: They’re US-based tech startups that are in the midst of rapid expansions. All three companies cite their ability to hire and support talent virtually anywhere in the world as a competitive advantage. Two of the three also have used their own products to make remote work easier and engaging for their virtual workforces.

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