Why Businesses Must Prioritize Customer Experience in 2022 (CX)

The past two years have sparked immense global change. It has pushed virtually all industries to a pivotal point where Customer Experience (CX) is concerned. In fact, a recent Alida study of over 5,300 participants across five countries (Australia, Canada, India, U.K. and U.S.) revealed that 92% of consumers agree that CX is an important factor in their purchasing decisions. In addition, 52% felt that CX has either not improved or worsened. 


Gone are the times where customer data alone produces great business and customer impact. It has become insufficient to simply survey customers and then decide for them what they want. There is now a greater expectation amongst businesses to truly understand their customers and provide them with an unmatched experience. One that leads with empathy and embraces customer truth in every single step of their journey. 

To become successful in this era of elevated CX, businesses must learn to make decisions with their customers, not for them. By taking the time to understand customer motivations, opinions and sentiments, companies can begin to truly learn their customers’ truth and in turn take meaningful action. 

It is crucial that CX initiatives become a collaborative effort and shared responsibility across the entire organization, yet many easily fall into a segregated approach. Operating in silos across different parts of the organization will only make it more difficult to obtain a holistic and timely perspective of customer requirements. Every function in a company is integral to the success of the CX initiative and this needs to be clearly and constantly communicated. Centralizing concise goals must become a top priority in order to begin harnessing the true business potential of a CX initiative. 

Although the customer is a very important element to any CX initiative,  brands must equally consider focusing on driving improvement with product, brand, and employee experiences. Only through this “total view” will brands uncover rich and meaningful insights through the entire customer journey to allow for impactful business decisions. We call this process “Total Experience Management” (TXM).

TXM’s unique approach brings together all areas of a business that impact the customer journey, so everyone in your organization can work toward the common goal of customer satisfaction. TXM allows for full visibility of the customer journey, allowing for easy identification of pain points which makes the process of creating innovative solutions that cut across department lines more seamless.  In the end, this approach results in a holistic and agile program – based on responsiveness, relevance, and underpinned by performance being measured.

The pandemic has illuminated the dire need to focus on CX. Unfortunately, the brands who have not made this a business priority have suffered lost sales, customer loyalty, and in some cases have had to shut their doors. TXM allows the customer “truth” to ultimately be uncovered and understood, allowing for better and more optimized business decisions. CX is the competitive advantage of this new digital era and customers are echoing this need. It’s time to listen to your customers, apply their insights to your entire organization, and take action before it’s too late. 

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