Beacon of Light for a Nation – Ukrainian Deep Tech Coming to NORDEEP Summit, October 11-12

[Helsinki, 2 October 2023] — ArcticStartup Events is proud to announce that a group of top Ukrainian startups will be joining NORDEEP Summit on October 11-12 in Espoo, Finland. The delegation is organized by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Startup Fund, and YEP Accelerator with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine. This collaboration aims to foster international cooperation, and knowledge exchange, and boost the opportunities for innovations from the region.

In addition to a pitching session and exhibition booths at NORDEEP Summit, the startups will receive private coaching sessions from investors and industry experts, and complimentary services from Metic Oy for establishing a legal entity and doing business in Finland. 

Despite the geopolitical situation in Ukraine, the country’s entrepreneurial spirit is going strong. These deep tech startups are a beacon of light that innovation will continue despite the circumstances. With great science and research, high talent density, and a thriving IT ecosystem, Ukraine has all the ingredients to be a robust deep tech nation that can provide meaningful solutions for industry. The impact-driven startups are innovating in critical sectors and emerging markets such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and circular economy.

“We are thrilled to welcome the Ukrainian delegation and YEP Incubator to NORDEEP Summit this year. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to promoting cross-border partnerships and knowledge exchange,” said Jan Ameri, Executive Chairman of ArcticStartup. “We believe that by facilitating interactions between Ukrainian startups and the Nordic tech ecosystem, we can create a melting pot of innovation that will benefit the entire tech ecosystem.”

As a part of the NORDEEP Summit program, the Ukrainian delegation will present the national deep tech startup ecosystem and display how Ukraine has been included in the global trend for deep tech. They are eager to share the best cases and practices from the past few years.



Ukrainian state and tech ecosystem representatives will highlight the most remarkable startups and share stories of Ukrainian products made with bravery. They will also discuss the crucial role of deep tech for the country and plans for growth and cross-border collaborations. The Ukrainian delegation’s mission will be represented by deep tech startups and top universities, who will also bring their best practices and research projects for international scientific exchange.

This collaboration promises to be a milestone in the journey of these Ukrainian startups, offering them invaluable opportunities for growth, mentorship, and international exposure. NORDEEP Summit is excited to play a pivotal role in supporting the global tech community and fostering meaningful connections among industry leaders.

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