Danish startup secures $700K pre-seed funding, targets global invoicing and finance innovation

Dealflow, a Copenhagen-based startup, recently raised a significant $700,000 pre-seed round with one of the highest valuations in the Nordic region in 2023. The primary goal of this funding is to assist global companies in managing their invoicing, payments, and finances in the age of AI.

Notable investors in this round include unicorn founder Ralf Reichert, Ewor (referred to as the Y-combinator of Europe), a16z, Atlantis Ventures, and a group of angel investors who believe in Dealflow’s potential to disrupt the global FinTech industry.

Originally focused on influencers, Dealflow pivoted to serve small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), such as marketing agencies, SaaS startups, and coaching groups, due to strong demand from this sector. This shift was made possible by their product strategy, which focuses on solving universal problems.

This is what Daniel Dippold, founder at Ewor, the Y-combinator of Europe, said about the decision to invest.

“I focus on investing in founders with outlier qualities. I strongly believe that Seb and team possesses the necessary qualities to establish a disruptive, globally relevant FinTech venture.”

Dealflow has launched a beta platform that combines global transfers, instant payouts, and payment flow automation in one place, providing a comprehensive invoicing solution for companies. The platform allows founders and finance teams to send invoices, set up subscriptions, and reconcile revenue with their accounting systems while maintaining control over cashflow, B2B payment terms, and payment methods.

The company’s long-term vision is to create an “AI-worker” to automate finance for entrepreneurs worldwide. Their mission is driven by a desire to alleviate the financial pressure often experienced by business owners.

Seb Haugeto, the founder and CEO of Dealflow, shares his personal motivation for starting the company, stemming from his experiences as a travel influencer facing challenges with invoicing and payment processing. Dealflow encourages users to support their mission by using their platform and providing feedback to help improve the experience.

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