[Exclusive Interview] Can The Power of Occult Sciences Empower Businesses?

[Exclusive Interview] Can The Power of Occult Sciences Empower Businesses?
[Exclusive Interview] Can The Power of Occult Sciences Empower Businesses?

Recently we interacted with Mr Sidhharrth S Kumaar, Founder & CEO, NumroVani, and asked him about his human-AI enabled company, and what are his future plans and vision.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

What is your role at NumroVani? What challenges do you face at your work?

As the founder of NumroVani, I take immense pleasure in introducing my brainchild as a new-age Human-AI enabled company helping businesses to conquer the marketplace with sustainable growth and cutting-edge competitive advantage. 

Being an Astro-Numerologist and Spiritual Business Coach with more than a decade of consulting experience in the corporate world has allowed me to blend the best of both worlds, i.e, modern-day business strategies and the power of occult sciences to help companies become leading names in the marketplace. We help both businesses and individuals deal with their challenges with our B2B and B2C services. 

How Numrovani is helping the corporates and businesses to help them achieve their goals?

At NumroVani, we deliver personalized solutions depending upon the company size, scale and demand. Till now, we have assisted several organizations with their CXO recruitment process, culture-fit hiring, leveraging marketing models with GTM (go-to-market) strategy including launch dates, product name and brand name, corporate identity (company name, logo, tagline), employee wellness and workplace culture. Lately, we’ve launched our “Founder’s Boost” program to provide expert supervision to the founder’s wellbeing and performance. 

Our customer-centric approach keeps results at the core of our mission. For this, we run NPS campaigns to check the efficacy of our consultations and programs. By the data obtained through the NPS campaign we run for our clients, the brands advised by us noticed an improvement of more than 400% in the NPS score even during the challenging times of Covid-19. 

Adults call Astrology and Numerology superstitious subjects. How do you deal with such a mindset?

The modern-day generation is uninformed of the teachings from our age-old epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. For them, evidence-based facts are the only reality. As a consequence, they evaluate the ancient practices of occult sciences as a superstitious subject. 

At NumroVani, we march towards making occult sciences an evidence-based science and establish it as an integral part of the contemporary world. We engage in extensive research and publish authentic data-driven research papers to bring a constant change in the mindsets that disregard its transformational and lifesaving benefits. 

Why should businesses and entrepreneurs invest in astrology and numerology?

Organizations can develop a growth strategy and carve a vision map to success by onboarding numerologists and astrologists on a C-suite level. Colors, Letters, and Taglines play an important role in all Fortune 500 companies. Designing your brand identity and work culture around technical and occult sciences can help investors sustain the business for the longer term. 

Also, the dynamic combination of astrology and numerology determines a blueprint for the course of a successful entrepreneurial journey. Combined with systematic strategy and vision, it becomes the guiding force that helps entrepreneurs recognize life-changing opportunities, steer clear of potholes, assert their strengths, and acknowledge their restrictions waiting to be altered.

The combination of astrology and numerology can also be used to curate proactive and personalized employee wellbeing and workplace culture. 

Every penny invested in this, has a potential to give at least 5-&x in return. 

What’s the future of Astrology and Numerology in India?

Astrology and Numerology are moving with full steam ahead in India with more and more businesses consulting spiritual experts before making important strategic decisions. The current market size of Astrology, Numerology and related area is around 20 bn USD in India only and growing at a CAGR of 32%. Globally the market is around 1 trillion USD. 

The surprisingly positive results achieved during the uncertainty of Covid-19 have made it clear that the occult sciences are here to conquer. 

Currently, astrology and numerology are also catching fire in the global market. While the top priority of the Indian market is seeking advice on creating the best corporate identity by choosing the appropriate brand color, brand name, product launch dates, and inauguration dates, the top priority of the international space is creating a healthy workplace culture with proper employee wellness programs in place.

Anything else you want to highlight?

The real power of Astrology is in form of “preventive” science. It transforms your present to illuminate your future. It’s high time to strengthen the backbone of your business by ensuring a proactive work atmosphere, enhanced team productivity, and skyrocketing revenue with the divine cooperation of occult sciences. 

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