Finland’s Resistomap gets €2M seed funding to develop biosecurity intelligence platform fighting antimicrobial resistance globally

Resistomap, a Helsinki-based startup, secured €2 million in seed funding led by Ananda Impact Venture and Gaingels, supported by Business Finland‘s grant, to advance their pioneering efforts in combating antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The funding aims to propel Resistomap’s extensive database on environmental AMR into an innovative Biosecurity Intelligence Platform. With over 10,000 environmental samples from 45 countries, Resistomap stands as an industry leader in understanding AMR’s environmental aspects.

Their envisioned platform will integrate early-warning systems, genetic insights, predictive models, and tailored recommendations to curb AMR spread, targeting a wide spectrum of users from wastewater treatment plants to public health authorities. This initiative aligns with their mission to mitigate AMR’s global impact, preserving antibiotics’ effectiveness and revolutionizing how we address this critical global health challenge.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) represents a pressing global health emergency, frequently referred to as the “silent pandemic”. Antibiotic resistance arises when bacteria adapt and develop resistance to the drugs designed to combat them. Consequently, previously manageable infections have now become increasingly challenging to control, resulting in higher mortality rates and escalating healthcare costs.

In 2019, it was estimated that AMR contributed to almost 5 million fatalities, a number predicted to soar to 10 million by 2050. Such devastating impacts not only threaten global health but also pose staggering economic challenges potentially in the trillions. The urgency to address this threat cannot be overstated.

While there have been commitments to pioneering new antibiotics and ensuring their fair distribution globally, there remains a striking underemphasis on preemptive infection prevention. Action to mitigate the spread of this silent pandemic is hindered by the lack of comprehensive and actionable environmental surveillance data.

Led by CEO Windi Muziasari, Resistomap — together with its customers — has meticulously crafted one of the most extensive environmental AMR databases to date. This expansive dataset offers crucial insights into the multifaceted realm of antimicrobial resistance and now stands as the foundation upon which Resistomap will evolve its services into an intelligence platform. This platform will feature the integration of early-warning systems, in-depth genetic results, advanced prediction models on the spread of AMR and personalized recommendations for reducing its dissemination.

Resistomap is powered by a diverse and interdisciplinary team with a profound knowledge of microbiology and antimicrobial resistance. Working hand-in-hand with stakeholders, the intelligence platform is set to lead the way in environmental monitoring of antimicrobial resistance, adapting to the needs of a broad range of users. This includes wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs), hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, agri- and aquaculture industries, food safety agencies, as well as public health authorities.

With the initiation of seed funding, Resistomap is embarking on an ambitious path towards realizing a world where AMR is effectively monitored, understood, and managed, and where medical treatment remains able to save lives.

Windi Muziasari, CEO and Founder of Resistomap said: “Citing the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus, “prevention is better than cure,” which resonates well with our mission at Resistomap to mitigate the global spread of antibiotic resistance and preserve the efficacy of antibiotics. To achieve this, we need an intelligent platform that leverages our environmental monitoring data. Our vision goes beyond AMR to build a comprehensive biosecurity platform that addresses a diverse array of disease-causing pathogens, encompassing both those already identified and those that remain undiscovered.”

Zoe Peden, Partner at Ananda Impact Ventures, states: “For too long, antibiotic resistance has loomed as an approaching storm cloud, and so we take great pride in standing alongside Resistomap in its efforts to break this storm while pushing environmental health to the forefront of decision-making worldwide. This investment seamlessly aligns with our commitment to address multi-faceted, systemic global challenges. By fostering collaboration, innovation and robustness in the environmental health sector, we will make great strides toward a healthier future fighting antibiotic resistance.”

Tuomas Harju, Senior Adviser for the Health & Wellbeing Industry at Business Finland said: “Curbing the spread of antibiotic resistance is critical and there is a great need for innovative solutions to accomplish this. We are proud to support Resistomap on their mission to make continuous monitoring of antibiotic resistance a reality globally.”

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