Finnish booking technology provider named “Best Online Venue Booking Platform”

MeetingPackage, a Finland-based SaaS solution that provides an easy way to offer meeting and event bookings, has been selected by Hotel Tech Report, an online community that offers technology insights in the hotel industry, as the Best Online Venue Booking Platform for 2022.

MeetingPackage has been founded in 2014 as a venue management solution for hoteliers and other venue selling stakeholders. Their services help many professionals in the hotel industry sell meeting rooms and event spaces online with dynamic pricing across hundreds of distribution channels.

Verified user reviews for MeetingPackage call attention to qualities such as excellent customer experience, increase in revenue through high conversion rates and the ability to sell meetings and events online. Also the proactive approach of MeetingPackage and their willingness to help customers are other important factors that make them a favourite among customers. Hotel Tech Report has named MeetingPackage “Best Online Venue Booking Platform” for 2022.

Selected not by a handful of judges but by user reviews

Hotel Tech Report was launched in 2017 and the community has been giving ratings and reviews on hospitality, hotel technology, and helping hoteliers make better decisions about which technologies to use. Over 169,000 professionals in the hotel industry use their website to make informed purchasing decisions. HotelTechAwards, hosted by Hotel Tech Report, is considered “the Grammys of hotel tech” and the winners are determined according to reviews of verified hotel tech users in over 120 countries.

About MeetingPackage and what sets them apart from other startups in hotel technology, Jordan Hollander, CEO at, stated that most startups in hotel tech focus on distribution or guest experience since travelers can easily relate to these areas. Then he went on to add:

“MeetingPackage is part of an elite group of companies solving one of the biggest problems for hotels – simplifying the sales and group booking process.”

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