Finnish Productivity startup Flowrite raises $4.4M seed round

Flowrite is an AI-powered writing productivity tool that helps professionals save time from their daily communication by turning short instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages on websites and browser-based apps like Gmail and LinkedIn.


“Today, the world communicates through keyboards more than ever before, but the craft of writing has remained fundamentally the same for decades. We are creating an entirely new way to communicate in writing, helping people be more productive in their daily lives,” says Aaro Isosaari, CEO and Co-Founder of Flowrite.

The ability to communicate efficiently and effectively in writing is essential especially for knowledge workers, as an average professional spends over 3 hours a day on emails. However, Flowrite’s product vision is not centered solely around dealing with email overload.

“Making written communication easier has the potential to break barriers for individuals. We are already witnessing the product help dyslexics overcome blank page syndrome and make non-native speakers feel more confident in expressing themselves in English,” Isosaari explains.

The company launched its private beta in the summer of 2021 and has been developing its browser extension-based product together with several hundred engaged users, with some of them using the product up to 50 times a day. The early adopters include entrepreneurs, executives, and other professionals across company functions such as sales, customer support, and HR. Among the beta users are people from companies such as Google, Stripe, and Tesla.

The waitlist for the product has grown swiftly to 30,000 people driven by word-of-mouth.

“From the get-go, we knew that we are building a solution with a potential to help millions of people, but only during the past months have we come to realize how salient the problem we are solving really is. People have gone as far as inviting hundreds of their friends to the waitlist in order to get earlier access to the product. We’re keeping our heads down to build the best product possible to meet this need,” says Isosaari.

Flowrite will be using the new funding to accommodate the growing demand and continue improving its product. The 12-people strong remote-first team of 8 nationalities is also looking for new talent to join them across company functions.

Sam Cash, Principal at Project A says: “Currently, knowledge workers spend an inordinate amount of time with written communication, which is a drag on productivity. Flowrite is starting with email, and solving the hard natural language processing challenge of providing accurate textual output based on an individuals’ writing style. We at Project A are very happy to be leading the seed round and supporting Aaro, Karolus, and all the Flowrite team in making this a reality.”

“Investing into Flowrite was more personal than just a smart business decision. Being dyslexic, I have never believed I am a good writer and have struggled at times to put pen to paper. For some reason, my mind does not see the mistakes. At the same time, I believe that a clear, clean, and well-articulated message is a must in the modern world. Flowrite’s mission will help people from all walks of life and with different abilities to level up the opportunities for a broader set of society,” says Mattias Ljungman, Founding Partner at Moonfire Ventures.

“Aaro and Karolus represent the next generation of entrepreneurs stemming out of the Nordics. In just over a year, they have built an excellent product loved by early users, recruited a remote-first team spanning across the world, and raised twice,” says Timo Ahopelto, Founding Partner at Lifeline Ventures and one of the early investors of Flowrite.

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