Finnish tech startup raises €1M pre-seed to help SaaS companies dive into the world of data engineering

Helsinki-born growth engineering company reconfigured collected €1M pre-seed from Icebreaker VC. The Finnish startup’s time-efficient and budget-friendly platform paves the way for accessing data without knowing a single code, let alone being fluent in coding. Founded by Richard Makara & Niko Korvenlaita with experiences in high-growth SaaS businesses, reconfigured wants to make easier for SaaS companies to deal with data and SaaS integrations without sacrificing money or time.

Growth engineering company raises 1M EUR to democratize commercial data and empower go-to-market teams

reconfigured, the Helsinki-based tech startup just raised 1m EUR led by to help companies grow through solving the common problem of siloed data and lack of engineering talent. The company is building an opinionated no-code data platform that will allow critical teams such as revenue, sales, and growth operations to dive into the world of data engineering, without having to use up internal resources or spend months on implementation. Their initial focus will be to help B2B SaaS companies.

reconfigured, Joshua Perk”In the last decade of consulting thousands of SaaS companies, a recurring theme has surfaced: tech stacks have become tremendously sophisticated but the ability to operationalize data between these expensive investments is complicated and bespoke. Companies spend billions on technology and millions on professionals to properly unlock their data or; worse, don’t and end up with siloed data and lost revenue as a result.“ says Joshua Perk, VP of Pre-Sales at Drift and Angel Advisor at reconfigured.

In addition, as the SaaS market saturates, companies are forced to become more efficient in their go-to-market approaches. The most successful companies out there have one thing in common: strong data foundations between functions like marketing, sales, and product.

reconfigured, Paddle, Ben Simon Wilder“The Revenue Operations revolution in companies across the globe has driven increased focus on the end-to-end customer lifecycle, however the growing fragmentation of tech stacks presents RevOps with a headache. By empowering ourselves with unified single-source-of-truth data that is agnostic of our tools, we can focus on the most important thing; how we can drive the best customer experience.” says Ben Wilder, Head of Revenue Ops at

Reconfigured aims to make the process of becoming data driven easy for B2B SaaS companies with high growth ambitions. The trend that drives this opportunity is the commoditization of computer storage through cloud computing and the explosion of SaaS offerings. Now that data infrastructure is easily accessible, it is only logical that more and more data products start emerging.

reconfigured, Richard Makara“With each customer conversation we have, the same themes keep popping up: issues with reporting, issues with outfitting sales and marketing with the right data, knowing what the relation between product usage and revenue is. The root cause seems to always be the same: shaky or non-existent data foundations. And that’s what we are here to solve.” says Richard Makara, Co-Founder & CEO of reconfigured.

Founded in 2022 by Richard Makara & Niko Korvenlaita, who are lifelong friends, both have a long history in working high-growth SaaS businesses, specifically within growth and data engineering roles. Next, the company aims to build out their initial team and work with a select number of B2B SaaS businesses to pilot the product with. In addition, part of their mission is to help ambitious companies navigate the world of data and SaaS integrations – hence they are building out their YouTube channel with free educational content.

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