Icelander cybersecurity management platform raises $1.7M funding to expand in foreign markets

Icelandic cybersecurity startup Nanitor receives $1.7M from some private investors along with its existing investor Brunnur Ventures. With this capital injection, Reykjavik-based startup will be able to expand in foreign markets.

Nanitor’s all seeing cybersecurity user-friendly platform automatically discover users’ global IT assets and continuously identify fundamental cybersecurity issues. The platform helps companies detect and overcome their fundamental cybersecurity challenges.

Nanitor’s all-in-one solution to cybersecurity challenges

The Nanitor platform allows you to build a collective understanding of your fundamental security challenges and to quantify your cyber-risk. It forms a foundation for a long-term security strategy across your organization, based on your technical policy and compliance requirements, to avoid information loss, service disruption and reputational damage from the ever-growing cybersecurity threat landscape.

Nanitor’s discovery engine automatically collects data on all your assets in real-time. The data collected is filtered through your technical policy and compliance frameworks to compile detailed information on wide range of security issues in your organization. The Nanitor Diamond™ shows a prioritized visual overview of these issues. From there, it’s easy to collaborate on hardening your organization’s security holistically, with printable reports and managed projects tracking teams’ progress on remediating their assigned issues.

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