Iceland’s Exmon Software is acquired by Danish TimeXtender, uniting expertise for enhanced data solutions

Reykjavik-based Exmon Software, known for its expertise in handling data quality and master data management, has been acquired by Danish company TimeXtender. This strategic move aims to boost Exmon’s growth and innovation prospects. By joining forces with TimeXtender, Exmon anticipates offering better services to its customers while expanding its global presence. The goal is to simplify data management and ensure its accuracy and accessibility. The merger emphasizes technological advancements, improved customer service, and wider market reach across various regions. Together, TimeXtender and Exmon aim to simplify the complexities of managing data, highlighting the importance of high-quality data in driving digital innovation and the use of AI for businesses.

Exmon specializes in ensuring accurate, consistent, and high-quality data within organizations. They focus on improving data quality and managing essential information like customer details to ensure reliability across systems. Exmon likely provides software tools and strategies for data management, cleansing, governance, and optimization, aiding better decision-making and operational efficiency.

Gunnar Steinn Magnússon, CEO of Exmon Software says, “The last few years have been spent promoting Exmon abroad, and we see great interest and success there. We have been working closely with TimeXtender recently, and the synergy for both our products and customers is great, so we decided to embark on this journey together. We see great opportunities in introducing the Exmon products to TimeXtender’s customer base of over 3000 customers, thereby expanding the market for Exmon. It is expected that core development of Exmon will continue in Iceland.

TimeXtender emphasizes an agile data infrastructure and automation through its platform. Their key goal is to create adaptable and scalable data systems for the future. Known for rapid data integration, TimeXtender enables quick model building from diverse sources. They also prioritize self-service data access, empowering users across departments to analyze and utilize data for informed decision-making. Ultimately, TimeXtender aims to offer a flexible, user-friendly data management platform, enhancing businesses’ ability to utilize their data effectively.

“Integrating Exmon into our ecosystem is a deliberate move towards advancing the value we offer. Our augmented solution now incorporates an improved governance framework, making data management a more approachable task for our clients,” states Heine Krog Iversen, CEO of TimeXtender.

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