Skåne Ventures, a collaboration of leading incubators, raises €2.9 million to support local startups in Sweden

Skåne Ventures, a collaborative effort between Minc, Ideon Science Park, Hetch, and Krinova, has secured €2.9 million (33.6 million SEK) in its first funding round. This initiative aims to become one of Sweden’s largest investment structures for early-stage startups.

Despite the challenges of raising capital in the current global climate, Skåne Ventures has attracted significant support. Half of the investment capital comes from more than 70 private investors, primarily business angels, in the region. The remaining funds are provided by the state venture capital company Saminvest, which serves as an anchor investor.

The goal of Skåne Ventures is to identify promising startups and provide them with the necessary support to foster growth and innovation. The initiative also aims to contribute to a more sustainable, gender-equal, and innovative world. Investments will not only be based on financial prospects but also on potential societal impact.

“The last three years have been a tough time for entrepreneurs, with their access to capital hindered by Covid, the war in Ukraine, and the ensuing recession. With a strong Skåne Ventures, we can finally look forward again and together create good conditions for the next generation of companies,” says Daniel Persson, CEO of Minc.

The first investments from Skåne Ventures are expected to be made in the second quarter of 2024. Depending on investor interest, a second funding round may be considered to allow more investors to participate in the initiative.

“We are incredibly proud that both private and public investors have joined Skåne Ventures, not least with great commitment and expertise,” says Ida Herbertsson, responsible for the investment structures at Minc, one of the four Skåne incubators behind the initiative.

Magnus Skåninger, CEO of Saminvest, commented, “We are pleased to be an anchor investor and further strengthen the ecosystem in southern Sweden so that promising companies have better opportunities to grow. It is particularly pleasing that Minc, Ideon Innovation, Hetch, and Krinova are collaborating on the business angel program, which we believe will create excellent synergies.”

Skåne Ventures’ support goes beyond financial backing. Startups selected by Skåne Ventures will also receive resources such as business coaching, recruitment support, and access to networks and industry expertise.

The successful fundraising effort by Skåne Ventures is a significant development for the region’s startup ecosystem. With its focus on innovation and sustainability, Skåne Ventures is poised to play a key role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Skåne and beyond.

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