Swedish Serverpod fuels Flutter’s flight with €1.7M funding boost, revolutionizing app development

Serverpod, a Stockholm-based startup, has successfully raised €1.7 million in pre-seed funding with backing from notable investors, including PreSeed Ventures‘ PSV Tech01 fund. Specializing in developing the infrastructure for Google’s Flutter framework, Serverpod aims to revolutionize app development by providing a robust backend solution. With this new capital injection, the company plans to expand its team and introduce innovative services to further enhance its product offerings. Already serving a substantial portion of the Flutter community, Serverpod is poised to make a significant impact in the market, streamlining app development processes and empowering developers to create exceptional mobile experiences.

Serverpod specializes in backend solutions for the Google-based Flutter framework. Founded by Viktor Lidholt, Isak Dunér, and Alexander Sandor, the company aims to simplify app development processes and enhance the capabilities of Flutter developers. With a focus on removing barriers to entry and improving efficiency, Serverpod has quickly gained recognition within the tech community. Through innovative technologies and a commitment to excellence, Serverpod is poised to make a significant impact on the mobile app development industry.

“With our hosting service, we are removing yet another barrier to quickly bringing an app to market. With over 4500 developers and approximately 500 apps already built using Serverpod, we feel confident that we are filling in a significant gap in the market with Serverpod,” said co-founder and CEO, Viktor Lidholt, according to EU Startup.

“Throughout the years, Flutter has become a preferred framework to use for developing apps cross-platform. But for it to be fully scalable and for the apps to truly flourish, it needs a solid backend framework supporting the language. And that’s exactly what Serverpod is delivering,” commented GP of PSV Tech01, Alexander Viterbo-Horten.

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