Tech hubs evolve, Nigeria’s startup bill, film restitution

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Between 2015 and 2019, the number of tech hubs in Africa soared. But expectations for what a tech hub should be are changing. It is no longer enough for hubs to be glorified coworking spaces offering so-called incubation programs. Hubs are being pressed to actively drive African startups towards scale and success.

Creating a continent-wide standard is not an easy task, considering the different economic realities, and ecosystem maturity in each country. But the role has somewhat fallen to AfriLabs, a private organization founded in 2011, which has more than 320 hubs in 51 countries in its network. One of its current projects is an Africa-focused hub management curriculum in partnership with Kenya’s Strathmore University. It also launched Catalytic Africa, a project to co-invest in startups with African angel investors.

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