What Is ClickUp Brain? The AI Neural Network Explained

Another day, another AI service being added to a business software, with ClickUp announcing a new product to make your workday a bit easier.

AI is all the rage in the business world, with companies across the industry rolling out new services to streamline operations. From ChatGPT and Google Bard to Microsoft Copilot and Grok, there’s an influx of AI-powered tools aimed at improving productivity.

ClickUp has now thrown its hat in the ring, and its new service can actually perform a few tasks unseen so far in the fight for AI supremacy.


What Is ClickUp Brain?

The new product from ClickUp is called ClickUp Brain. As the brand describes it, ClickUp Brain is a neural network powered by AI that can provide insight and assistance on projects, docs, people, and your company’s knowledge in real time.

More specifically, ClickUp Brain is an AI chatbot that is integrated with your project management system, so you can ask it questions related to business operations, like who is working on a certain project or what kind of policy is in place for a certain situation.

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“AI tools are everywhere, but none are saving you time through every step of your workday. ClickUp Brain is deeply embedded in the place you do work, meaning it bridges the gaps and connects the dots across your work, your communication, and your knowledge.” – Zeb Evans, founder and CEO of ClickUp

What Can ClickUp Brain Do?

ClickUp Brain is designed to help you save time and stay better connected to projects, documents, people, and company knowledge throughout your day. That functionality is broken up into three different tools:

  • AI Knowledge Manager – An AI chatbot that can help you understand contextual information about docs, tasks, and projects within the ClickUp platform.
  • AI Project Manager – A virtual assistant that can manage and even automate your work, including progress reports, standups, and team updates.
  • Al Writer for Work – A content generator that can create, edit, and summarize content for marketing, design, and other departments at your business.

There’s no need to wait, either. ClickUp Brain is available right now for ClickUp users, but as you can imagine, this kind of service isn’t free, even if you already pay for ClickUp. You’ll have to pay an additional $5 per month if you want access to the ClickUp Brain functionality across your system. You can try it for free, though, with a free trial.

Screenshot of ClickUp Brain, new AI neural network from ClickUpScreenshot of ClickUp Brain, new AI neural network from ClickUp

How Does ClickUp Brain Compare to Other AI Services?

As you likely know by now, the AI market is quite crowded, with dozens of companies pushing numerous AI iterations that can perform a wide range of tasks across even more industries. Subsequently, it’s safe to ask how ClickUp Brain fits in among the others.

For starters, ClickUp Brain only works with ClickUp, a project management software that houses information on team members, projects, tasks, assignments, and other valuable business information. It’s not a general AI chatbot, like ChatGPT, that can simply answer any question you can think of.

Compared to other project management AI services like Asana and monday.com, though, ClickUp Brain is quite impressive, offering a wide range of features that aren’t available with others, like automatic team updates, video and voice transcription, and pre-built prompts.

Suffice to say, ClickUp Brain gives what is already one of the best project management platforms an addition edge over its competitors, but with AI technology always evolving, it’s anyone’s guess to who offers the best AI tool for getting business done right.

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