Wilder Off-Road Patrol Vehicle

Israeli defense company Plasan Sasa has rolled out its Wilder ground vehicle at the Eurostory 2022 defense exhibition in Paris. Designed for military patrols and special forces, the 3.7-tonne armored 4×4 provides NATO Stanag 4569 Level 2 protection.

Today’s battlefield requires soldiers, especially in the special forces, to be able to traverse off-road at speed while carrying the equipment and firepower to complete their mission. For over a century, many different vehicles have been developed for this task, but modern versions are also expected to provide a reasonable degree of protection as specified by requirements like the NATO Stanag 4569, which covers the protection of logistics and light-armored vehicles.

Capable of carrying four passengers and a payload of 800 kg (1,760 lb), the Wilder is an ultra-light enclosed all-wheel-drive vehicle with 370 mm of wheel travel thanks to its patented suspension system. There’s an eight-speed automatic gearbox and the driver sits in a central position for panoramic visibility.

According to Plasan, the Wilder handles off-road like a racing buggy. The monocoque Kitted Hull cabin is air conditioned, yet provides as much protection and remotely operated firepower as a larger vehicle.

The cargo compartment in the rear can handle a standard NATO pallet of equipment and the whole vehicle can fit inside a Boeing CH-47 Chinook heavy transport helicopter. It can also be hooked to Plasan’s All-Terrain Electric Mission Module (ATeMM), turning it into a 6×6 hybrid vehicle that can carry two tonnes of payload.

However, the party piece of the Wilder is its drive-by-wire control system that allows the crew to leave the vehicle and control it and its weapon remotely using a control pad and onboard cameras. It can also operate autonomously, allowing the crew to remain out of danger as much as possible.

No information on availability has been released.

Wilder off-road combat patrol vehicle offers remote drive-by wire [New Atlas]

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